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CompleteReliefAbout CompleteRelief
Complete Relief® is a natural, dietary supplement used to relieve discomfort from gas, cramps, pressure and bloating commonly seen in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers. Their special “controlled-release” coating makes Complete Relief stand out from other peppermint products. The coating ensures that the full dose is not released until the softgel has passed the stomach and has entered your digestive tract. This is where gas, cramps, pressure and bloating begins.


How it Works
Complete Relief controlled-release softgels act directly on the smooth muscle in the wall of the small and large bowel causing them to relax and move more regularly. Complete Relief also reduces the surface tension of gas bubbles which may have formed on the sensitive gut wall. When taken three times daily, the gastrointestinal function improves to relieve symptoms and to improve regularity. Improvement can develop within several days; usually within a couple of weeks of regular dosing.


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