Compounding Services

Southcare Pharmacy is proud to offer prescription compounding in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Compounding name trustWhat is compounding?
Compounding is the process in which the pharmacist uses pure ingredient chemicals to make your medications. It may involve changing the dosage form as in making a liquid out of a tablet.


What types of things do we compound?
Medical, dental, & veterinary products including the following: topical creams and ointments, flavored suspensions, suppositories, sprays, lozenges, capsules, powders, and many more.


Why would I want or need to have a prescription compounded?
If you need specific medication, medication strength, or a dosage form that is not commercially available, your medication must be compounded.


Why can’t my regular pharmacy compound my prescription?
A compounding pharmacy uses state-of-the-art equipment, chemicals, and advanced techniques to compound and ensure quality products. Other pharmacies do not have the time, equipment, chemicals or education to “custom-make” your prescriptions.