Harmonyx Diagnostics

logo-main-darkThe future of medicine is here and it’s available at your friendly Southcare Pharmacy in St. Petersburg, FL, Harmonyx Diagnostics testing. Get your doctor to “Write The Right Prescription” from the very start of your medication therapy!


Because DNA says it all, Harmonyx Diagnostics has provided us with saliva swab kits to help you get the most out of your prescription medicine.

What is pharmacogenetic testing?

Put simply, it’s using your genetic information to ensure your prescription is right for you. Your genetic makeup influences how your body will respond to medication, and pharmacogenetic testing helps predict that response.


Harmonyx provides an automated genotyping system that will allow your pharmacist and physician to quickly and easily identify whether you can safely continue taking your prescription or need to find a new course of treatment.


Take a moment to watch the video below, then stop into Southcare Pharmacy and ask about the safe, affordable and painless approach to choosing the right medication. We can perform the DNA cheek swab test in the pharmacy without a prescription.

We’re here to help you improve the quality of
your health care with one simple test!