Harmonyx Pain Testing

Genetic testing for pain management could provide the relief you need.

When you’re feeling the frustration of multiple doctor visits or the helplessness of someone suffering from chronic pain, medication trial-and-error should not be your treatment plan.


Powerful pain medications can be a godsend in extreme circumstances, but they can also carry extreme side effects. Symptoms such as vomiting, headache, or fever may be worth the discomfort in exchange for effective pain relief, but for certain individuals whose pain medication isn’t working, drug side effects can turn chronic pain into a nightmare.


There’s no reason you should have to suffer.


The Harmonyx Test for Pain is available at your local Southcare Pharmacy in St. Petersburg, FL. With a simple and painless swab, you can learn which medications are more likely to be effective for you, based on your genetic makeup. Once you have your test results, your pharmacist can work with your physician to determine the best treatment choice for you.


Click here for a full listing of drugs included on the Harmonyx Test for Pain.