Harmonyx Statin Testing

Is your statin medication causing you pain?


Up to 25% of patients taking statins are likely to develop painful myopathies as a side effect of treatment*. A statin myopathy genetic test from Harmonyx may be the key to more effective treatment.


In many cases, myopathy (the onset of muscle aches, spasms, and pain, along with more serious muscle side-effects in some patients) causes patients to stop taking their statin medication*. And, if you’re experiencing these painful symptoms while taking Zocor®(simvastatin), you’re faced with an unpleasant choice:


Do I keep treating my disease and try to manage the debilitating pain, or do I stop taking my medicine?


No one should have to make that choice. The Harmonyx test can help you determine if your genetic makeup makes you susceptible to myopathy while taking Zocor®(simvastatin). If the test indicates you may benefit from a lower dose of simvastatin, or different medication altogether, your pharmacist can work with your physician to find the best treatment choice for you.